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Dan Brown

I’ve been involved in fitness/health and sports since the age of 7, having played football and enjoyed playing many different sports in my younger years.  I’ve always gained a great satisfaction and enjoyment from keeping myself fit, but now, by helping other people realise their goals and ambitions, it gives me tremendous satisfaction!

In 2017, I found myself submersed in Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), I fancied a new challenge and I found Spartan Race. I completed the Spartan Trifecta in 2017 which was just amazing for me. I’d go on to complete it again in 2018 and 2019, but those times were different. It not only changed my philosophy on my training, but also my lifestyle. With successes in 2018 Spartan Races resulting in with 2 top 5 finishes, lead to me representing the UK at the OCR World Championships in London. It was an immensely proud occasion, an occasion I emulated in 2019 too. 2020 saw a knock on the head with training with the Covid pandemic. But that didn’t stop me staggering through the SVP 100km race in 15 hours. This was a really brutal test of my ch​aracter, courage and desire, with little training this was a huge feat. It truly was a crazy, but glorious experience. One I shall cherish forever.

With this new attitude and philosophy. I feel it can help and aid my work too. The fun, determination, courage, motivation and drive that can be achieved is life changing. Whether it is sports specific, general fitness or a personal goal, nothing is impossible! I believe in variety, promoting positive thinking; enabling us to get the job done and with maximum fulfillment. Maybe you need nutritional help as well as fitness and health advice? We are here to help. With the main aim focusing on getting you fast, healthy and effective results. So, when do we get started?

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Adele Lloyd-Brown

Having been involved in sport at an International Level in the past, I have grown up knowing what it takes to get motivated and committed for a top competition.

With my karate days are behind me. I believe I have the knowledge and experience to pass on to others, whether that’s any aspiring athletes or anyone who needs to get into that motivated and committed state of mind.
Your state of mind is key! Remaining focused and driven for one goal. Whether it’s to compete, lose weight, improve your fitness. The right frame of mind will help you achieve.

Also, as a Pre & Post Natal Specialist, I can offer you a structured exercise and nutritional programme during your pregnancy as well as an after-pregnancy programme to help your recovery and help you get back into shape. Get in touch today and begin the next chapter of your life as a healthy and happy one!

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Ben Mendrys

My sporting background comes primarily from the beautiful game of football, where I was usually able to make up for any mistakes with hard work! I am massively thankful that sport has been able to shape and teach me many things about myself that I would not have gained from many other aspects of life. I will always stand by my belief that everyone can learn something about themselves through sport both competitively or recreationally!
More recently, Dan has been able to open the door to OCR for me! I’m thankful that he has introduced me to a sport where you must rely on your body’s strength, endurance, and mental toughness to achieve as high a position as is possible. Having the ability to push your body to its limits through mud, sweat, and fun with plenty of support around you can be incredibly rewarding if you let it!
Whatever your goal may be, we can mold a path to success tailored to you! Whether that is to lose weight, tone up, improve sporting performance, or simply continue a healthy lifestyle, we are up for the challenge of anything you can throw at us!
I continue to study towards a BSc in Sports Performance at the University of Essex, so I can assure you there is a method behind the madness! (even if you can’t believe it at first!) If nutrition is an area of weakness, I am also qualified in Sports & Exercise Nutrition, so we can begin to improve your body’s fuel in no time!
If you are someone who has thought about change but struggles to see the finishing line…
Look down at your feet.
Can you see your next step?
Then just take that…

Lewis Kirk Day Personal Trainer

I have a passion for helping people reach their fitness goals, It gives me great satisfaction seeing my clients achieve their goals. I believe fitness should be fun and that is my style of how I train my clients.

Fun + Hard work + Consistency = Results

Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve your fitness, tone up or run a marathon. I can help you achieve that through tailored workouts, motivation and constant support. Sound good? To book in your free consultation contact me on 07753180554 or

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