July 2022

Experience of the Month

Save 30% on our Half Day Discover

In need of a relaxing break away from reality? Are your muscles feeling tired or is your skin feeling neglected? We have the perfect solution at Riverhills Spa!


The Outer Glow

Your body is your temple…

Feel renewed from tip to toe with our full body exfoliation treatment. Our Mediterranean inspired sugar scrub contains nourishing olive oil, fig & pomegranate, assisting in the removal of dead skin cells and promoting skin cell renewal. Your skin will feel amazing and you will have the perfect base for a summer tan!

30 minutes for £31.50 this July, RRP £45

Product of the Month

Temple Spa- Good To Go

Foaming Face Cleanser & Wash

A bouncy foam skin cleanser that washes off to leave you feeling clean and uber fresh. If you’re blessed with pretty normal skin and love natural goodness, then you’ll adore GOOD TO GO foaming face wash.

Perfect for no-fuss people on the run who need a quick yet effective wash-off cleanser that leaves the skin soft and nourished without feeling taut. The clever pump miraculously transforms the liquid formula into a luscious creamy foamy texture.

Just £22!

Members Offer

All back massages* just £31.50

Our massage treatments are everything you could wish for, formulated with a dreamy blends of Mediterranean essential oils they are guaranteed to have you drifting into summer. Whether you want to feel invigorated or relaxed any of our massage will have you leaving stress free

All Just £31.50 instead of £45.00

(*Excludes Rocks of the Mediterranean)