First Time Day Spa Guide

Whether you have booked already, or are still considering a day in our world, here are few pointers to get you a step closer to your day of relaxation and pampering.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll discover that our beautiful buildings are an escape from your everyday routine.   We are known for our relaxed, friendly and warm approach – you won’t feel intimidated or uncomfortable in our spa.

Many of you may have experienced a spa visit before, but if you haven’t, then you might find this guide useful to help you get the most out of your day.

Things to know before you book

  • We can accommodate individuals or group bookings to celebrate a special occasion; just call our friendly, knowledgeable reception team on 01473 463262, who will be ready to help!
  • Your day includes a 1 or 2 course lunch, which you can easily upgrade to 3 courses if our puds tempt you, and we have a bar area for extra nibbles and drinks – alcoholic or non-alcoholic – for you to purchase throughout the day.
  • If you have any special medical considerations, please notify us at booking as some of our treatments may not be suitable.

What to wear & bring with you

  • Avoid wearing any jewellery. In your treatments you will be asked to remove it and we would hate you to leave it behind or lose it. You will probably find that you will spend most of the day in your bathrobe – most people do, even for lunch – and when you head to treatments you can go with just underwear or dry swim suit underneath to stop any messing with dressing and undressing.
  • You need very little on a visit to us. Depending on the package you have purchased your robe, flip flops and towel will be included.  Our changing rooms have body wash and hairdryers in them; if you are having facial or eye treatments you should avoid re-applying your makeup – get the most out of our results driven products and let them do their work!
  • You may share a locker with someone else in your party so pack light – keep it simple – that’s what relaxation is all about!
  • At Riverhills Spa there are areas to sit, read or day dream so bring a good book.

For when you arrive

  • Come ready to relax, let all your worries disappear and allow us to take care of you fully throughout your day.
  • To avoid having to do lots when you arrive please make sure you have paper copies of your confirmations and that you have all filled in your consultation forms – that way no homework when you get to us – just time to sit and choose your lunch and maybe have a cappuccino!
  • Please try to arrive 30 minutes before your first treatment so we can welcome you and go through everything you need to make your day run smoothly. We will show you around so you feel at ease straight away. We will also give you the opportunity to book any additional treatments, subject to availability.
  • We run a tab system that you can charge to throughout the day; however if you do not want to use this we will be asking for payments ‘as you go’ so carry some money with you so you do not have to keep going to your bag.
  • To help you relax mobile phones need to be turned off – as we say -keep it simple, go back in time and realise again what it is like to stop and relax.


  • Always check in for treatment at least 5 minutes before they start – this makes sure you do not lose any of your treatment’s time and remember to visit the toilet before this!!
  • Drink plenty of water between each treatment, and throughout the day, to keep your body hydrated; this helps gain maximum benefit from your treatments and is so important if you are using sauna and steam rooms– we want to look after you whilst you are in our world!

Above all have fun and enjoy your day!